If you are simply upgrading your kitchen countertops and require a new sink & faucet we can supply and install these for you. We are happy to provide guidance for you to select the fixtures that will, in the long run, best suit your needs.

Alternatively if you are contemplating a major renovation we can help you plan for all your plumbing & hot water heating requirements including:

-Disconnection of plumbing fixtures for demolition

-Replacement or relocation of existing plumbing fixtures

-Redesign & installation of your hot water heating system

-Relocation and/or expansion of all your plumbing & hot water heating systems

-Coordination of all permits and inspections

New Construction

We can provide all your plumbing, heating and gas fitting needs whether you are building a basic spec. design family home with minimum plumbing requirements or a multi-million dollar custom home with all the luxurious comforts that a mechanical system can offer, limited only by your budget.